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I posted this to my Equine Rescue News list so will repeat it here too.

Bad fires in Southern California. Lots of evacuations happening.

Here's a link to the National Equine Disaster Relief page - click on CA to the left:

Some folks on other lists and forums have suggested using a livestock marker to write a phone number when you have been contacted on horses which may become loose due to evacuations/emergencies such as this. Be sure to write in large letters so that the number is visible from a distance (not everyone is comfortable catching a horse and not every horse is going to be co-operative) and use a number that you are pretty sure is going to be in service, perhaps that of a relative or friend in another community who is aware that you are doing this. I haven't tried it, but in a pinch, I'd think a Sharpie permanent marker would do. Or heck, use spray paint that stands out. Whatever will work and be easily readable and visible.

Here are some good articles on equine disaster planning: ... index.html

Link to more info on where to go and what to do in California: ... edness.htm
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