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Several years ago, I created a horse evacuation program for the local horseman's association. My wife and I later dropped out of the group (differing goals & needs). Then came the Rodeo-Chediski Fire, the largest in AZ history.

I ran into the President of the group, who said my plan worked just fine. It involved horse haulers (people not in the fire zone, ready to haul with their own trucks & Trailers) and holders (folks with fenced land, food & water to donate, out of the danger zone). Hundreds of horses were moved with (to my knowledge) no losses, and no 'misplaced' horses.

As with most things, pre-planning was the key. With a central contact point, lists of haulers and holders, and ways to identify where the horses came from and went to, and the donations of food from out of the area, we saved a lot of horses. It was very moving that so many folks would spend their money to help the horses of people they had never met.
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