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Got this from the Fifty Caliber Shooters' Policy Institute...

California's 50 ban to be heard in Committee April 29th!

The California Assembly Committee on Public Safety will hold a hearing on Tuesday, April 29th on AB-50 the 50cal ban introduced by Hollywood Democrat, Paul Koretz.

Koretz failed to pass his 50 cal ban last year, when the Committee rejected AB 2222. FCSPI will be attending the hearing to argue against AB 50.

It is imperative that ALL Californians concerned about firearms rights and liberty act now to oppose this legislation.

Even those of you outside of California can help, forward this email to anyone you may know in California who shares your concerns about liberty, post info about this alert, with a link

There are four things you can do right now:

1. Write a letter to the committee opposing AB 50 and fax it to:
Committee on Public Safety, Chairman Mark Leno (916) 319-3745 FAX

2. Mail this letter to the Committee (contact info is below)

3. Spread the word immediately call other gun owners in CA, forward this email to other gun owners print out this email and distribute it at gun shops, ranges, etc. Write an internet post about this alert on your favorite gun web board, you can refer readers to for the full details about AB 50 and a copy of this alert.

4. Support FCSPI's efforts by visiting our website and making a
contribution, you can do so at

Committee Contact Info:

California Assembly Committee on Public Safety
Attention: Chairman Mark Leno
State Capitol
P.O. Box 942849
Sacramento, CA 94249
(916) 319-3745 FAX

Important tips for contacting the Committee:

1. Send your letter ASAP, via fax and regular mail
2. The facts are on our side, so a firm, fair and polite letter works best,
we'll leave irrational emotion to the opposition

3. Be sure to include your name and mailing address

Talking Points on the 50 Caliber Target Rifle and California's AB 50 gun ban
1. Those that seek to ban 50 caliber target rifles wrongly suggest that it has no sporting purpose and is a military rifle.

a) To the contrary, since 1985, there has been organized 50 caliber target shooting competitions, conducted by the non-profit Fifty Caliber Shooters Association (FCSA).

b) The military version of the Barrett 50 caliber rifle is already regulated by California's Assault Weapon law - AB 50 does not target the military rifle, but only the sporting rifle used by competitive shooters.

2. Those that seek to ban 50 caliber target rifles wrongly suggest that the gun is suited for criminal or terrorist uses.

The size, cost and skill level of the 50 caliber rifle make it unsuited for criminal or terrorist use. This claim is backed up by history - since no American in California or any other state has ever been killed by a 50 caliber target rifle.

3. Fifty caliber target rifles have been manufactured, sold, collected and competed with in California for nearly two decades. This firearm has a proven history of safe and responsible ownership and use in California, there is no evidence to suggest it is part of a credible threat to public safety, and this claim is solidly supported by history.

4. The Committee on Public Safety should focus its attention and California's tax dollars on real and credible public safety issues - banning fifty caliber rifles, Bigfoot, the Easter Bunny or anything else that has never injured or killed any Californian is an irresponsible waste of the Committee's valuable time.
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