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Can someone explain this to me?

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Why exactly do we need a "national intelligence director"? I thought that was what the national security advisor did.

It looks to me like the administration & the Sept. 11 commision are taking an oportunity to grow the federal payroll again, just like they did with the creation of "homeland security director".

I don't know about yall, but creating more posistions does not make me feel any better or safer. What would make better sense, to me anyways, is to hire more border patrol & customs agents.

But what do I know, I am but a ******* who believes in smaller government.
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Can someone explain this to me?

Why exactly do we need a "national intelligence director"? I thought that was what the national security advisor did.
The proposal is a cabinet level director of all the snoops who has full control of the budget. This would give him the power to put people and $$$ where he deemed best. The National Security Advisor can only offer advice and carry coffee.

There's been inherent problems within the FBI for years. Outdated PCs, old and under powered mainframes, a "Good Ol' Boy" network that would have made any Southern sheriff's department proud 70-80 years ago. CIA has a legal problem if/when they run an operation in CONUS.
If the FBI, CIA, NSA, PTA, WBA, and so on and so forth shared information like they should we wouldn't have a problem. Too many private rice bowls. There needs to be someone riding herd over all these. If the CIA tracks something that turns domestic the handoff to the FBI should be quick and effective. Too many little fifedoms in this business.
More Than Meets The Eye

Not only do we need a better way of doing things, but I think we should also PUNISH the BG's! :evil: :twisted:
These rotten bastards are not going to just leave us alone! We are gonna have to kill em'
That means the ones over in Iraq, Afghanistan, and, unfortunately, over here! :cry:
This administrative position is just a way of coordinating and organizing the job of doing it. We have to carry through and Mr. Bush is gonna have to get tough and allow our marines and soldiers to kill these dirty punk-F_ _ _ ers! :x
I thought Condi Rice was doing that job.
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