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Can this malfunction happen? Glock 19 Federal Hydra Shok

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Hi my friend and I are having a bit of a problem regarding a particular malfunction. We have been arguing for days. Here are the facts/scenario...The weapon is a normally functioning Glock 19...ammo is 124 Grain Federal Hydra Shok....fully loaded magazine (15) and one round in the chamber...magazine fully seated and properly functioning. now....with that said....can this malfunction happen.........."When firing, I limp wristed badly, causing the slide to shirt stroke, ejecting the brass, but not chambering a round/slide goes forward on an empty chamber. "my friend states it is "Impossible" for the brass to escape the ejection port without chambering another round. Also, that by short stroking, only stove piping is possible, not for the brass ti eject to the ground. Now...I have had stove pipes....Which I swiped with my hand...and the slide went forward on an empty it a stretch to say that the brass may not only stove pipe, but also escape the ejection port and fall completely to the ground. He states it is impossible....I disagree. Any comments or facts would be greatly appreciated. E Mail [email protected] Thanks, Gavin
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Gavin, welcome to the forum. In future, please turn off your "Caps Lock" when posting.

I believe what you describe can indeed be caused by limp wristing.

If you want to experiment a bit, try the following. Next time you're at the range, load a fired case into the chamber and close the slide gently but firmly. (You don't want to slam the slide on a round manually fed, as the rim is supposed to slip up from under the extractor hook, and it isn't great for the extractor to "snap" over the rim.)

Then insert a loaded magazine. Using dummy cartridges would be best, but if all you have is live ammo, use it -- just be safe! (Finger off trigger; muzzle in a safe direction.)

Rotate the pistol so the ejection port is facing down. Keeping your finger off the trigger, retract the slide slowly until the empty case in the chamber extracts and falls out. As soon as it extracts, stop retracting, and release the slide to let it go forward.

Again, without touching the trigger, and keeping the muzzle pointed in a safe direction, drop your magazine, and open the slide. You may well find you have an empty chamber, which means you just proved that a case can be extracted and ejected, without chambering a new round from the magazine.
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Re: Can this malfunction happen? Glock 19 Federal Hydra Sho

Gavin said:
Not on a bet, young Sir!

Post to the Forum, get responded to on the Forum, #1, and, #2, I (and many others) find that AOL's interests are inimical to those of firearms owners, and my E-mail filters routinely bounce firearms-related messages originating from that ISP.

Some more information on the AOL/gun issue, including the just concluded lawsuit seeking to overturn AOL's firing of three lawful gun-owners for having firearms in their vehicles on AOL-leased property: Otherwise, welcome to the Forum and thanks for turning your caps-lock off. You're more advanced than most AOLers who can't quite get "Hydra-Shok" right… it's discouraging to see how routinely they butcher it!
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Yes, that jam is possible and I've personally seen it in a variety of rifles and pistols, usually with very underloaded ammo.

(You don't want to slam the slide on a round manually fed, as the rim is supposed to slip up from under the extractor hook, and it isn't great for the extractor to "snap" over the rim.)
I'm totally contrarian on this one. The M1, AK, AR and many other systems in rifles use extractors that *must* snap over the case rim. Most semiauto pistols are, yes, designed to primarily feed like the "controlled feed" Mausers. However, I strongly believe that any semiauto pistol which cannot snap the extractor over the rim without crunching the brass or it being "bad" for the pistol is either poorly-designed or poorly-built.

With match-tuned M1911s, the reason to not chamber a round and snapover the extractor is the same reason to not slam it closed on an empty chamber--minimal-engagement sears and hammer hooks *could* get damage or accellerated wear of the worst type [BOOM! I wasn't trying to fire YET!].
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