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can't post photo

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I tried to post a message to the gardening forum with a picture, but I couldn't get it to "take." I typed my message and clicked "Add an Attachment," saw the filename line appear, clicked "Browse" and found my file (a jpeg image), and clicked on the file to select it. I could see the filename in the filename field. But then when I clicked on "submit" and looked at my post there was no picture or attached file. Did I miss a step?
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Annika - This is what I just tried and it worked….
1- Select either “New Thread” or “Post Reply”
2- Fill in the text in the text box and a subject (if applicable)
3- Select “Add an Attachment”
4- Screen should look like it refreshes
5- Select “Browse”
6- Select the image from the “Choose File” window
7- Either double-click on the image or hit “open”
8- The Choose File window should disappear and the information for the image should now appear in the box between “Filename” and “Browse”
9- Select “Submit”
10- The image should now appear with the text in your new post.
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posting a photo

I could swear that's exactly what I did last time, and it didn't work, but for some reason it worked this time. Thanks.
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