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Cartridge Ideas That Didn't Make The Cut

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Wow. And that "folded" ammo is supposed to save space how, exactly?

My first thought was that here's the ammo for that famous cartoon of the "Polish revolver."

I've sometimes wondered if the "next generation" of ammunition might be in liquid or gaseous propellant with electronic ignition. Fuel would be squirted in and ignited, just like a car engine. The bullets would still have to be fed somehow. Early versions would most likely be cumbersome, maybe the size of crew-served weapons (.50s and such). But imagine how "far out" out guns of today would seem to the shooters of flintlocks!
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Colt's Salvo Squeezebore

Salvo Squeezebore and Flechette, Oh My! (Check Page 3 if you need to reload the image.)
Multiplex Ring Airfoils Fearless Fosdick, indeed! :shock:
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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