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I know there are some fellow old school Miami Vice fans here, so I wanted to let you know that the Centric network (check your listings) is doing a marathon of sorts this weekend. It is covering selected episodes over the run of the series, from beginning to end.

"Calderone's Return," beloved by many gun enthusiasts, airs on Saturday, with the "Zubiena speed draw" first part, "The Hit List" airing at 3 PM and the second arc-concluding hour kicking off at 4 PM. If one watches "The Hit List" one can see why gun aficianados at the time were so into the episode.

Castillo fans will remember "Golden Triangle 1 and 2" and the arc of "Mirror Image" and "Hostile Takeover" can be summed up in one word. That's Burnett. B-U-R-N-E-Double-T.

Saturday at noon things kick off with the Pilot Episode, both parts. Episodes will air through early Monday Morning. Air times are:

Saturday - 12 Noon through 7 PM
Sunday - 4 PM through 9 PM
Monday - 4 AM to 6 AM

The schedule will be:

Pilot (Part 1) 1984
Pilot (Part 2) 1984
Heart of Darkness 1984
Calderone's Return (Part 1, The Hit List*) 1984
Calderone's Return (Part 2) 1984
Golden Traingle (Part 1) 1985
Golden Triangle (Part 2) 1985
Prodigal Son (Part 1) 1985
Prodigal Son (Part 2) 1985
Mirror Image 1988
Hostile Takeover (Part 1) 1988
Hostile Takeover (Part 2) 1988
Freefall (Part 1, Series Finale) 1989
Freefall (Part 2, Series Finale) 1989

Another episode will also air on Monday at 8 AM, though it is not named in the listings as I have them now.

Yes, I know I'll have to just break down and buy the DVDs, I've been meaning to for a while now!

*Really worth watching for a shooting enthusiast....
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