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Charles Kelsey of Devel fame murdered

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Charlie Kelsey, an ingenious man I considered a personal friend, didn't deserve this...

Georgetown police identify bones found near airport
Officials say Charles Kelsey may have been murdered

By Sarah Coppola
Tuesday, June 17, 2003

GEORGETOWN - Police have determined that skeletal remains found two months ago are those of a local man they believe was murdered.

The remains are those of Charles Kelsey, 67, of Georgetown. They were discovered two months ago in a drainage culvert under Lakeway Drive, near the south end of the Georgetown airport.

The complete story is here.
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That's a crying shame. My sympathy to his family.

I am unfamiliar with his role with Devel. Would you mind enlightening me?
Charlie was the designer, the genius behind Devel. Even the McCormick 1911 magazine was a design by Charlie. In recent years he had come up with the Devel bullet for muzzle loading. I first saw a .45 ACP version over at the INS National Firearms Unit in Altoona. John Jacobs (second in command of training) liked the design so much he was calling it the Jake bullet. Triton was in negotiations with Charlie at one time to add his bullet to the product line for centerfire handgun calibers. Charlie was also working on a new handgun design that would have virtually eliminated felt recoil. He was hoping to fund that project with the sale of the Devel bullet patent.

He was a straight shooting guy that called it like he saw it. In the firearms industry he was one of the best. He will be missed.
Never met him, but definitely knew the name

what a damn shame! :(
A friend received the following in an IPSC newsletter...

There will be a Memorial Service for Charles (Charley) Kelsey in Zionsville, Indiana on Saturday, September 13, 2003.
For more background on Charlie Kelsey click here
A Very Sweet Man

I never had the honor of meeting Charlie, but I did speak with him on the phone on more than one occasion. He had a very special way of looking at the pot of gold over the rainbow. He had a positive outlook on life, and never had a bad word to say about anyone. He personally told me to "never lose faith or give up" in any situation. He also told me that real true friends never give up on us either. This is such a terrible thing that has happened, and Charlie we won't give up our love and admiration for you. I will have faith that justice will be done in your name, and just like you told me, we will meet and have that dinner....except we will both have our wings...May God keep you in his care....

Your long distance friend,

  • A Memorial Service for Charles C. Kelsey Jr. will be held this Saturday, 13 September at 1100 hours, Salem United Methodist Church, Kissel Road, Zionsville, IN 46077.
On a related issue, I have spoken at length with reporter Sarah Coppola who I made aware of Charlie's remarkable C.V. within our community, and given her access to three others who could provide her with more "About Charlie" material. Our friend Tom Burczynski has also spoken with her, and I expect a nice follow up in the Austin newspaper shortly.

I've also heard from Charlie's niece, a nice young gal down in Florida who created and maintains Charlie's Website.
It's been a while, maybe long enough for there to be an update. Has anything new been found on the murder? Suspects, etc?

I'm guessing probably not, but it's a damned shame that this man's death remains a question mark.

Odd that you should refresh this topic at this time… Tom Burczynski and I have been reviewing some updates over the past days or so.

I'll try to pull everything togther for the Forum shortly.
Was cleaning up my library, Dean. Seeing all the names that are gone, now. Made me think of him.

There are other unsung movers and shakers in the gun world that come to mind. We all know Cooper, Browning, Glock, and the other usual suspects. I'm thinking of those who are less publicized.

Might be an interesting new thread. Who doesn't get the credit they deserve in our little world?
Name names, tell stories. Right off the bat I think of Mike Dillon, Rich Davis, Jerry Barnhart... innovaters who changed the gun world. There are others to be listed. Anyone got a nominee?
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