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Thought I would check-in here and at the cigar forum. My primary interested are CZ pistols and Maks.

I have CZs representing the full range, including DUO, CZ24, CZ27, CZ50, CZ52, CZ40B, CZ40P, ColtZ40, CZ75s (Classics, B, BD, CZP01) CZ83s

In the maks I have IJ70-18A, IJ10-17AS, PMIJ70-18A, IJ70-18AH, Russian PM Military, Chrome Bulgie, several Bulgie Military, EG maks from '60-'65 with some dupes and recently I sold a Miltex.

I also have an interest in the FEG pistols in the R-61 and PA-63 line.

I'm ready to talk about any of them or the other pistols I have (Keltecs, manhurins, ???)

My Wife calls me a "Man of Excess".
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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