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Children's firearms safety class, our most important course.
Growing up Gun Safe 11/22

We put this class in so that youngsters who are getting firearms for gifts can learn to use them safely. We want a parent to attend with the child.
Instructor: Dan Southard, Victoria Willhite, and Phil Wong
Do you own firearms and/or have kids? We'll go
over safety with handguns, shotguns and rifles in
this class. In this class we take the mystery out of
the firearm so that your child knows it is a deadly
weapon and not a toy. Half of the class is spent in
the classroom going over safety rules and answering
any questions. Half of the class is on range
shooting. Parents must accompany their child.
Please visit Gator Farm Tactical LLC | Southern Arizona Firearms Training for more
detailed class descriptions and equipment lists.
Class Code Location Date Time Fee
5-070DS SERP Sat. $75. 0900-4:00 p.m. $
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