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Fernando, my friend - Have you given some thought about adding a Classified Section for buying, trading or selling, especially as part of your "Ordnance" section... or maybe not related to any thing in particular. I think it would be a popular section as lots of people are always wanting to sell, buy or trade. How about it?

The Oldfella
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We are wrapping up the auction part of our site. That should be up and running shortly, which would address buying/selling. The trading, however, wouldn't work.

Let me give this some thought and thank you for the idea.

The trading portion of my suggestion would be incidental. Example: I have a horse to sell for $200. - then some one may come back with: Would you be willing to trade for my prize cow, it's worth at least that much. See what I mean? But the Auction itself may cause to bring about a "trade" in private, who knows.

The Oldfella
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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