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Back in January I bought a Randall 1911. These were the first all stainless steel guns. They were only made a couple of years and when they are seen for sale they are always advertized as in new condition, probably never fired.

Nobody shoots a Randall because they are collector's items. I can appreciate that, but since every one of them has been kept in a safe and never fired I figure it won't hurt anything if I shoot mine.

Have put a couple of thousand rounds through it. Had some minor adjustments made. Replaced original stock panels (grips) with thinner ones. Put a longer trigger on it. May put one of those glow-in-the-dark front sights on it. Have been carrying almost every day.

It's a shame these aren't made anymore.

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And, as a lefty I'm sorry they're no longer around

since they made a mirror-image left-handed 1911. Now one of those is probably worth a bunch as a collectible... :shock:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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