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Colombia: When Hippos Attack

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Speaking of classic Safari stuff, it seems that feral Hippos are now a problem in Colombia. Someone had better call the guy from the Safari Boat ride at Disneyland to go down there, it's the only way to be sure.

(On a Side Note, if they make controlling this problem a serious priority, maybe some Safari enthusiasts may no longer have to go to Africa - With the Hippos an invasive species, one could hardly fault a push to round them up.)

P.S., if you know someone who wants a Hippopotamus for Christmas next year, here's place that you can find one ;)
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Years ago I heard a story about a couple of young Americans who went to Africa as some kind of aid workers. They were apparantly somewhat naive. They decided to go for a swim in a nearby river, and the locals and more experienced workers told them the animals there were dangerous and not to do that.
They said something about not bothering them and the animals wouldn't bother the workers.
No one told the hippos how THAT was supposed to work.
Yup. Both died. Hippos are mean.
And they cannot read or understand English.
That is NOT a good combination.:rolleyes:
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