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There are only two makers who offer rubber grips for the Colt "D" frame.

Hogue offer a good model that feels great but it's just a little long....

The "default "D" frame rubber grip was always the Pachmayr "Compac".
For years Colt sold it with Colt medallions as after market, and they used it on some later models as stock.
You can usually buy the Pachmayr in most gun shops with Pachmayr medallions, and if you watch ebay and you can often find them with Colt medallions.
You can also buy these online from companies like Brownell's and Midway.
If you see a Colt "D" frame with other then factory wood grips it's usually the Compac.

Another Pachmayr rubber model is the "Gripper". This feels really good, but it's a larger, longer grip better suited to Colt's like the Diamondback.
You can also almost always find these at gun shops and online.

While these are somewhat collectibles today, the Commando Special and black finish Cobra often shipped with a special rubber grip Colt had made by a contractor.
These are similar to the Walnut Combat grips Colt used on the later small frame Colt's.
Most people didn't like them because they didn't feel "right".


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Hello, I'm new to the forum. I have a 1983 Colt Commando 38 Special, and I'm looking for a better grip for it. Anyone have a idea which grip is the best out there? Looking for a rubber grip
Trace your hand and seek out a custom grip maker in your local area. That's the BEST GRIP FOR IT. It's exceptionally difficult to exactly match an off the shelf rubber grip to your specific hand. JMHO. :thumbsup:
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