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I bought this to carry but I just can't bring myself to do it - it's just too nice. Here are some pics:

It passes the following timing tests for slow cocking and for each cylinder, where appropriate:
1. Bolt retraction and snap-back as soon as the hammer moves;
2. Bolt retracts before the cylinder begins to move for each cylinder;
3. Bolt drop timing - the bolt falls into the ramp before the notch;
4. Cylinder locks up before hammer reaches full cock.

There are small, slight wear marks near the muzzle - it doesn't look like holster wear to me, but I could be wrong. It might just be the muzzle hitting the zipper in the case it came in. There is no box or manual. The screw on the left side plate is not as pristine as is the one on the right side.

$650 plus actual cost shipping. Three-day inspection. I've never shipped a handgun before, but when we agree on a shipping location I'll provide you a firm shipping cost to your FFL.

Sold, pending funds.
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