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AnimalMother291 said:
I need some advice. I'm trying to decide on the perfect combat pistol to purchase. I've narrowed the field down to the Glock 23, Glock 37, and the Glock 20. I'm transitioning from a Colt 1911 wanted something with less bells and whistles. Any feelings on which is the most adequate for a defense use or pitfalls to avoid?
This is difficult to consider as a serious question… more like an exercise in mental masturbaaaa… um, self-indulgence.

But tha's all right because that's very high on the list of pass-times of members of the firearms community.

  1. There is no "perfect combat pistol;" if there was, it would certainly have to be the Colt's/Browning pattern pistol for reasons already well-established.[/*:1kded0z7]
  2. In describing the one you already have as having "bells and whistles," then something is seriously freakin' wrong somewhere, because the 1911 is not from the factory delivered with any manner of unnecessary accoutrement… unless it is an early Charles Daly or some such, or someone (you or a previous owner) glopped the pistol up with fuzzy dice, mud flaps and three-quarter race speed wax instead of spending that money on practice ammo.[/*:1kded0z7]
  3. Adequacy of self-defense is, of course, a software issue residing with the operator and less with the ordnance selected.[/*:1kded0z7]
  4. The primary (as well as secondary and tertiary) "pitfalls to avoid" start with thinking in terms of "the perfect combat pistol."[/*:1kded0z7]
  5. That you've determined your next purchase to be one of the larger caliber Glocks is fine, but given the rest of what you've expressed there's some question about the decision-making process which led you this far because you've "narrowed" your selection down to three pistols, the sole common element of which are that they are all .40 caliber or greater from the same manufacturer. You have three chamberings in three different-size handguns… pray share with us your determining criteria in your quest.[/*:1kded0z7]
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