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One of the biggest questsions you have to ask yourself is what you fully intend to do with this pistol. If you are planning to only keep it in the house (lockbox, drawer etc...) then any of the pistols you listed will suffice. If you plan to possibly carry said weapon, either in the vehicle or on your person (ccw or open carry) that throws a different variable into the equation. If you are planning on carrying/concealing the weapon, of the pistols you listed, I would recommend the Glock 23 simply because of the smaller size.

From your picks, I see you would prefer a larger caliber (.40 S&W, 45GAP, 10MM). If you go to a gun shop or a range that does rentals, you will find that there are quite a few pistols on the market that would also satisfy your needs.

As for pitfalls, I would take into consideration availablity of ammunition locally. Most stores will carry a good selection of .40 S&W ammo but depending upon the shops near you, there may not be as much of a selection of the other two calibers you listed.
(I don't carry a single round of the 45GAP and have NEVER even received a single gun, the only reason I have any 10mm ammo is because I personally own a couple of guns that shoot it!). If you plan on buying your ammo online or in bulk, then this would not be a consideration.
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