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Combo blades vs. straight razor

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How do you guys feel about combo blades on your folders? Are you using the serrations much? How much harder are they to sharpen when you have a combo?

I like the Benchmade knives but I'm leaning towards CRKT since they seem to be a really good deal.



P.S. Has anyone ever run into trouble for carrying a pocket knife with the blade being over 3" How likely is that?
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Ed, I carry a Benchmade Gryptilian (sp?) with a plain blade. I've found the combo blades to be good for heavy stuff, but I can't shapren them for beans. I especially like the axis lock on the Benchmade because it truly is a one hand knife and that's important for me. I don't like to have to look for a latch to close it. I also like the hole as opposed to a stud for opening.

I've got no gripes with the CRKTs and have tried several but always go back to the same one. You might also want to look at Spyderco.
:) To answer your first question: The serrated edge comes into its own on softer items like rope or cardboard. The straight edge is good for peeling and slicing. All of my working knives have a combination edge. Sharpening the serrations is no big deal. Use any small round diamond file, or the triangular edge on a ceramic stick. ONLY sharpen the side with the indentations. Make one straight pass along the opposite side to remove any burr. If you need a wetting agent, try Olive Oil. If you use the blade on food items that you’re going to put in your mouth, you'll be glad you did.

I think you’re right, by the way. IME, expensive folders are NOT the way to go for everyday carry. (Too many bad things can happen to them.) Pick something for around $100 and go with that. The Crawford-Kasper, #7783 is an excellent knife. I carry one everyday and had, both, Matt Del Fatti and William Tucker make open-topped molded belt sheaths for me. (Tucker’s is ambidextrous.)

To answer your last question: In 50 years of carrying various knives – Not very likely. Cops usually don’t carry rulers; and they tend to focus on misconduct. Among the crowd I travel with there are any number of carry knives that I am positive could run afoul of the law for one reason or another; and, then, there’s the school of thought that espouses; ‘Oh, the knife?’ ‘I was lucky enough to take it away from him, Officer!’ (It's called, 'passing the knife'.) :wink:
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I prefer the straight edge over a combo for all tasks including cutting rope and plastic strands. If sharp, the plain edge does just fine. Although I have several knives with serated edges I find that they never get used at all.
I too prefer a straight edge on my pocket knives. I opted for a straight edge since my Leatherman Wave has a full length serrated edge blade on it if I ever need one.

Normally I prefer a plain edge blade that has a bit of a belly to it.
But a friend of mine a couple years ago gave me a new Kershaw Boa that has a combo edge.
Ive tried repeatedly to replace this Boa with something else. But the speed safe mechanism spoiled me... and the the blade on the Boa is just about perfect for every task I've ever applied it too. Nice curved plain edge for most cutting uses and some aggressive teeth for when I really have to get into the cutting.

YMMV, but I think a Combo edged Boa just might be the most perfect folder ever.
You like the Boa even better than your SOG Vision?
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