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Concealled Carry Passes in Colorado!!!

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Today Colorado got two major pieces of legislation sent to the Governor. He has stated he will sign both.

First is SB24 ... 24_rer.pdf

Which is will issue CCW legislation. Major items include...

A database (Bad) but it expires in 7 years.

Handgun specific training required (Good) within the last 10 years. Includes Military discharge and LEO.

A K-12 exclusion (Bad). Can not carry inside school buildings. However, the principle can designate "safety officials" which can carry. Nothing prohibits a Principles from so designationg everyone with a student and teachers.

Also an (Bad) exclusion for buildings protected by armed guards and metal detectors.

The rest is no sweat. Maximum of $100/5 years. Current permits expire June 30, 2007, or date printed on permit whichever si first, so no one with a current permit gets caught. Almost any handgun specific course is accepted.

The other is SB25, Pre-emption. Makes it illegal for an jurisdiction to impose laws stricter than state laws in relation to firearms.

This had got to be one of the best days for gunowners in Colorado in an awfully long time.
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That is excellent news. I bet the mayor in Denver is quite pissed right about now.

Good Deal!
Wonder what states they will have Recipical with?

Now if the folks in Kansas would just wake up!
The reciprocity is pretty decent. The bill authors checked into it quite extensively and over 20 states said fine. It is written that any state that accepts CO permtis will have their permitees accepted in CO.

Yes, Webb is fuming. I know someone "inside" Denver City Government and it looks as though Denver will not stand any chance in a lawsuit on the two bills. Yes TWO. We also passed a "Pre-emption" bill that makes it illegal for any city or county to have firearms laws stricter than state laws. SO, the Denver assault weapons bill...gone, the Denver Civil forfeiture law...gone, the Denver Magazine capacity law...gone, plus several others. It is about the biggest 1 2 punch on firearms I have ever witnessed. The antis, tree-huggers, Brady lovers all got their collective butts kicked severely.

Oh yeah, Governor Owens has indicated he will sign both bills tomorrow morning!
That is great news, Mark! Keep us posted.
Great news indeed, I'll have to check to see about the reciprocity laws. I'll probably never get to Colorado in my lifetime, but the whole reciprocity thing interests me, I hope to see it expand over time. (over night would be nice,huh?)
Reciprocity site from CBI (official)

Matt Burkett, world renown shooter and instructor will be teaching some DFUSE courses in Colorado along with myself the first full week of August. These courses will be range courses with NO class portion. The courses will be offered Monday the 4th and Tuesday the 5th. The Monday course will be the CCW Tune-up course. The Tuesday course will be the same, but we will add in some IDPA match shooting as well. Both courses are $175, will require 750 rounds of ammo and run from 10am to 6pm. Space is limited and these courses are not available to those without prior training.

Also, just FYI, DFUSE has entered into an agreement with Gunworks of Colorado to host the classroom portions of all of our courses. We are very excited about this change and feel it will offer the students a better environment and the capability to get service and product from one of the best gun shops in the state. Gunworks will also be handling the payment processing and applications for the DFUSE courses. Here is a link to the updated CCW Seminar course information:

Feel free to pass this on to anyone you know who might be interested.

The first seminar course at Gunworks will be held Saturday July 19th from 9 am to 5 pm.

Thanks, Mark
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