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Costco - Cast Iron Cooking Kit

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I was at our local Costco yesterday and picked up a "Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery Commerative Edition Cast Iron Cook Set" :roll: .

Apart from the name it looked to be a very good deal. For $30 you got a 12.5 quart dutch oven (the lid is rimmed to hold the coals and not domed like some that I've seen), lift tool for removing the cover, 4" skillet, 13" skillet, 12"x16" reversable grill/griddle, nylon carry bag for the dutch oven, and a hinged wooded crate with rope handles to drag it all around in.

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I'm sure it is fine...but the Chinese have a bad habit of recycling everything: engine blocks, atomic submarines.
They hate Americans, we killed 1.1 million of them 55 years ago. And they don't have product liability lawyers on thier case.

Here is a picture of my 12" Lodge Lewis & Clark deep Dutch oven. The $48 bucks hurt. But for me. I feel better about it. ... ven001.jpg
If the Costco one's made by lodge I'm all over it.
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