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Maybe this isn't the place for this but OH WELL.

Charlie's story immediately brought to mind the last time I saw my grandfather.He died on Labor day 1998 @ the Battle Creek Mi VA hospice wing.Colon cancer.

Anyways,although he & I were close he had almost never spoken to me about his time during the war.He had told me that he was a scout ,that he carried the Carbine,& that he was machine gunned & left for dead in France.Well,he was found,patched up,& shipped to Britian for a few months.Nothing special there,that part was repeated thousands of times.
Well,my grandmother had told me that she was picking bits if fatigue cloth out of him on their honeymoon still,some months later.
He & both thought that that was a little funny.I had never seen his wounds though.I'd never seen him w/o a shirt on.Until he died.

I will always have the memory of his shrunken,twisted body laying there waiting for the undertaker to arrive.And I will always remember the horrible scars accross his chest & down his leg from that machine gun in France so many years ago.
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