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Crossman "Walther" Nighthawk Pellet Pistol (CO2)

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My father lives in a neighborhood and has been having alot of problems lately with Racoons and squirrels on his back porch. He cannot really pop off a .22LR round without his neighbors hearing it and calling the Sheriff's office. I ordered him one of the Crossman "Walther" Nighthawk .177 CO2 Pellet Pistol. Dean and others would call this pistol a "Rooney", but for what my father's needs are, it fits the bill.
What makes the "Nighthawk" a "Nighthawk" is that it has a Red Dot scope mounted on top, and a pressure switch activated "surefire" type flashlight that mounts on accessory rails on either side of the barrel. There is a compensator built onto the end of the gun (for looks??). The gun looks and feels exactly like a Walther P22 pistol except that it has a very long trigger.
We sighted in the red dot and at 10 yards (which is how far he will be shooting from his backdoor to the birdfeeders on the other side of his porch. The Flashlight will make it so he will not have to turn on the porch light alerting the "prey" to his presence!



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How accurate is it?

What kind of a group does it get at 10 yds, under "ideal" conditions (as in indoor range, from a bench).

What type & weight bull.... oops, pellets is he using?

My boys learned a lot about wind effects on shooting GDHS (the HS stands for House Sparrow) off of a bluebird house, at about 25 yards using a Weirauch break-barrel .177 air rifle. They were required by the rangemaster (me) to keep the muzzle inside of the 2d floor window so as not to excite misguided sparrow lovers. They got quite a few, but the front and roof of the bluebird house had to be pruned of stuck pellets every few days.
BigMike said:
What kind of a group does it get at 10 yds, under "ideal" conditions (as in indoor range, from a bench).
I did not really do any "formal" testing, but freehand at 10 yards I was getting groups that I could have covered with a nickel. I taped a Beeman 25yd BB target on the backstop. For ammo, we had some Crossman "Copperhead" hunting pellets (pointed ends) and we were using Crossman "Copperhead" CO2 cartridges.

Hey Mike.

Why don't you just get him a real suppressed P22 and shoot CCI Sub-Sonics out of it... much mo better for taking care of ***** & fluff-tailed rats.

But I have to admit that is cool looking, alot cheaper and will do the trick on the fluf-tails... the ***** I'm questioning.
Schmit said:
Why don't you just get him a real suppressed P22 and shoot CCI Sub-Sonics out of it...
I actually have a Ruger 22/45 with an integral suppressor, but it is on a Form 4 to me! Neither of us look good in Orange Jumpsuits so it is locked in MY vault and possession! My parents live about 20 minutes from me, so I am not grabbing the Ruger and running over every time they have a **** or fluff rat!

With the pointed "hunting" pellets, it may not kill the ****, but they may start going elsewhere if they keep getting shot on my parents porch. My mom is a pacifist/animal rights type who has been trapping the ***** and then she hauls them about 5 miles out into the country and releases them. In the past week she has trapped 7 *****. When she is not looking, dad plans to plink em with the Walther. :twisted:

Last year when my mother was out of town at a conference, I took the Ruger over with some subsonics and we had target practice on the fluff rats raiding the bird feeders!

Mike, I've found my Savage Mark II loaded with CCI CB caps is quieter than my Beeman spring powered air rifle. No suppresor needed. The bullet is a lot heavier than .177 or .22 pellets and is definately sub-sonic.

As to your fluff rats, I call them Baumratten aka tree rats.
I've had the same experience as Sam; the CCI CB Longs are VERY quiet out of a rifle barrel, more so than a Beeman .177 pellet rifle.
Same ammo fired from a short barrel is a different story...not terribly loud, but still definitely sounds like a gunshot.
Bushy tailed tree rats

My personal experience is that Bushy Tailed Tree Rats are good eatin', but only if killed quickly. As in a head shot with .22LR silhouette ammo.

A gut shot is no fun. All the odors of a gut shot whitetail, but somehow concentrated in a couple ounces of tree rat.
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