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Cruise on a Ducati

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Don't even know how to spell Tom Cruise, but here goes anyway.

On Thursday evening's Entertainment Tonight, showing some kind of open air bash for a new film, Cruise rolls up on a Ducati, wearing a Ducati leather jacket. Helmet matched the jacket. Took off helmet, opened up the jacket, and began doing usual Hollywood stuff.

No sign of the weapons talked about in the "Collateral" thread.

And I didn't even know what a Ducati was, until I joined Fernando's forums.
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It figures I missed that episode last night. I didn't know Tom Cruise was another Ducati guy. With his new found interest in firearms and owning a Ducati, all we need to do now is get him to post over here!
The English guy that played young Obiwan Kenobi in the new star wars movies... Played in Big Fish...
He's a big biker.
He just finished a ride around the globe on a BMW Dual Sport.
Where's Cruise gonna cruise on his Ducati?

"all we need to do now is get him to post over here!"

Invite him to Gunstock 04?
Been a long time since I tried to reach out to someone in the industry. But okay, I'll give it a try.
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