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Beretta has finally started shipping the CX4 Storm rifle they showed at S.H.O.T this year --- word is that they got about 7,000 of the 9mm w/92 mags thru customs so the marketplace should soon be flooded with them. I got one in today, but have not had a chance to shoot it.

Here is a picture of it for those who have not seen one. It is a bullpup rifle and I have had people remark it looks like a toy gun. :roll:





We've been getting these in for the past couple weeks and I've had a chance to shot one. They are a lot of Fun... to say the least.

It not only looks like a toy gun but feels like one also. However, it is not a bull-pup. It is just as short, and light, as it can be... but a bull-pup... No.

Also, I don't think, technically, it is should be classified as a rifle. A Carbine (short, lightweight, underpowdered (from a rifle cartridge energy level perspective) yes.

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I just sent the one I had back.

Technically it isn't a bullpup since the trigger is not forward of the action. My description is thumbhole carbine.

I agree that they are fun to shoot and it was quite accurate with decent sights. I used a Leupold CQT for most shooting and was able to hit the 6" gong at 70 yds. consistently.

The idea of it being ambidextrous is great, but it loses a lot to learn that you have to have a gunsmith change the magazine release and safety.

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mikegunner said:
They have already started shipping the .40S&W model and I got one in last week. It came with hi cap mags too!
I've been thinking about getting one in .40cal. How many rds. will the high cap. mags hold?
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