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I'm curious to know if anyone else is getting unusually good accuracy with the newer CZ rifles. About 2 years ago I bought a 452 in .22lr that shoots with my Volquartsen, and is a whole lot less particular about what it's fed than my other .22s.

Then recently I bought a 527 carbine in 7.62x39mm, and after a couple hundred break-in rounds of Wolf and Federal ammo, I worked up some match grade reloads in different powder amounts using the new Hornady V-Max 123 gr. bullet. The goal was to start to try and find out what the rifle liked. The first outing, with the very first powder produced a perfectly circular .8" 5-shot group at 100yrds with a 5x scope with one load. I haven't been back to the range this week to see if I can repeat that, but I now expect to eventually get a solid .6moa out of this rifle. Very impressive for an off-the-shelf carbine.

Anyone else having this kind of dumb luck?
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Hey: I won, as in W-O-N, a CZ 452 in a raffle at one of our cake walks at the local Fire dept. last year. It is accurate as all Get-Out. I put a 3 x 9 Simmons on it and it is a great shooter. Those guys have got their act together. :D
I have seen AMAZING accuracy from every CZ rifle I have seen fired. They seem like one of the better deals on the market right now.

My friend's 527 American in .223 shot a 5/8 inch group @ 100 with the first 5 shots!

Those CZs are incredible!

If you really ejoy the CZ rifles, you might just want to check out the Romanian 22 Trainers SOG is selling right now.
I REALLY like my CZ 452 LUX I bought. I've since put a scope on it.

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For All You CZ 452 fans-

Mine seems to like Fiocchi 320 Match ammo as well as the really pricey stuff. Around here it goes for about $30 a brick at the local gunshops.

It's hands-down favorite so far is Federal Gold Medal, but that stuff seems to lead the barrel very quickly.

Please note- all guns have slightly different barrel harmonics, even between two rifles of the same brand and type. Yours might like something else better, but I'd recommend the Fiocchi as a good place to start.
1926 CZ 8mm Mauser

1926 CZ (Brno) 8mm Mauser shoots very well...and smooth and quick bolt action.

I'd like to pick up on of their .458WM bolt action, one of these days.
CZ 527 in 7.62x39 at 100 yards.

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All of my CZ/Brno's are old Mausers---but they were the best
Mausers ever built. CZ makes one helluva gun...

BTW---is that an old Triumph in your avatar? I can barely see the details, but it looks like the TT Specials I used to sell at a cycle shop in San Francisco back in the 60's...

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