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As promised --- I have gotten in said Dan Wesson Razorback "Special Edition 1911" that is in the 10MM caliber.

It is a Stainless 1911 with a 5" bbl --- single action with a single stack magazine --- it has adjustable target sights on it -- a non skeletonized trigger-- skeletonized hammer --- exteneded grip safety--full length guide rod -- non-ambi safety ---

I have not fired it as of yet (Fed-Ex was just here) -- but according to my RCBS Trigger Pull Scale it has a pull of 5lbs. The gun itself weighs in at 40.8 oz with an empty magazine (according to our postal scale)

If'n I knew how to do it, I would post a JPEG ---- but I am not the best BB literate person out there.

btw --- Retail on the firearm is $899.00


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I like the 10mm, I would like to know how the RazorBack handles when you have the chance to get to the range.

My 10mm stable isn't as full as it should be as there are 6 in the coral.
2 Smith 610's. 2 Colt Delta Elites, and 2 Glock 29's.

As far picture posting cannot help as I don't know how either.

Enjoy your new toy.
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