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Dave Sevigny, shooter extraordinaire, has a new website worth checking out:

Back in the Triton days, we were lucky to have Bryce Linskey on our shooting team. Not only was he a great shooter, it was Bryce that told me about Dave and how great a shooter this new kid on the block was. On Bryce's advice Triton invited Dave to join our shooting team. Watching him shoot was an experience. Especially watching him improve his skills and techniques every step of the way. At one point Team Triton was unstoppable, with Dave Sevigny being our true team leader and top shooter.

Dave is now working for Glock, which is fitting since he manages to spank many a shooter with a Glock 34. I'm very proud of Dave, his accomplishments, and having had the chance to watch him grow in this sport. Now if I can only convince him to shoot a 1911!

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