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DFUSE offers two exciting training courses this

DFUSE has made arrangements to bring in Andy Stanford
of OPS for a tactical rifle course. Andy is one of
the most respected tactical trainers in the US as well
as an author of several books. Course Description:
The modern repeating rifle provides power and
precision from arm's length to the edge of practical
engagement range. This groundbreaking OPS course
quickly imparts a high level of skill that will let
you dominate the contact distance to 100-meter arena
in which most rifle fights occur. Topics include
battlesight zero, primary and specialized firing
positions, tactical gunhandling, sling carry and
dismounts, transition to the handgun, advanced speed
shooting techniques, team drills, and much more.
Tuition is $165 and ammo requirement is 300 rounds.
Two days, June 28th and June 29th are available at the
Clear Creek Range. Course payment can be made at

DFUSE Tactical Pistol CCW II: This 8 hour course is a
very comprehensive course that moves beyond the prior
course (CCW Seminar or CCW I) and it is range
intensive with shooting tests. Many of our students
who are ex-Law Enforcement say they wish they had this
training while on the force! If you already have a
permit or want to drastically improve your shooting
skills, this is an appropriate course. We will cover
shooting tactics and skills, limited pairs shooting,
flashlight techniques, plus cover some daily carry
issues. Tuition is $175 and ammo requirement is 500
rounds. This course is offered on July 30th at the
Clear Creek Range. Course payment can be made at

DFUSE to offer FATS training!

FATS, Firearms Training Systems, Inc. is a leading
worldwide producer of interactive simulation systems
designed to provide training in the handling and use
of small arms. Nothing else available to civilians
concerned with defense comes closer to real world
dynamics in the terms of stress, shooting skills and
decision making. With an array of simulations with
interactive branching video, the user deploys a
modified firearm to solve threatening situations on a
life sized screen. Analysis and feedback are
important components of the training. DFUSE offers
FATS system training to Law Enforcement and civilians.
Civilians will be required to take an intro session
or have prior verifiable training. DFUSE is a full
service training company offering top quality safety
and firearms education through state-of-the-art
tactics, technology and training. We are offering a
limited "peek" for past students to see the system and
try out a complimentary scenario. The system is
locate at 3355 S. Yarrow St. #E113, Lakewood, CO. For
more information you can go to our website at E-mail me if you want to
take a look and we'll set up a time to meet.
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