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Complete with auto-casefeeder.

I have owned this 1050 for about 20 years now and it has served me well and never given me even a hint of problem. This is simply the best progressive reloader that money can buy. It is complete with everything you need to load .45 ACP, and everything is in perfect working order. It has managed to get a few very minor rust spots in a few places over the years, but it’s not anywhere near ugly and like I said, it works perfectly. It has always been stored in the house, never in the garage, and the only thing it has wrong with it is dust accumulation because I just don’t have time for reloading anymore. I haven’t loaded with it for nearly 7 years now, so I’m trying to re-invest the money into something I can enjoy. This creates a great opportunity for someone who wants to take their reloading to the next level.

Please note this is a standard 1050, not the Super 1050.

I’m asking $700 for it. New one’s are nearly $1,600.00, so this is a real steal.

But if the buyer calls and tells me he’s a member of this forum, that $700 price tag includes shipping (which is probably about 80-100.00 since the thing weighs about 75 lbs.). I don’t have pictures, and pictures really wouldn’t tell the buyer anything. If you want to see what it looks like, check out the Dillon website.

Call Kevin at 870-416-2813
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