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I was silly enough to watch/listen to ALL of the FOOLISHNESS, LIES, NONSENSE & HATEFULNESS from the left's CLOWN CAR, which they styled as an Impeachment Inquiry.

As is usual for the MORON LEFT of the DIMocRATS Party, once more the congress-critters have NOTHING, are NOT going to find anything & have wasted MANY MILLIONS of taxpayer's dollars for NO GOOD result.

Personally, I believe that the entire cost for the so-called "investigation" (really a FISHING EXPEDITION & a uber-partisan WITCH HUNT) should be billed to the Democrat National Committee and/or the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee.

As far as I can see, NOTHING was learned from 3 years of "investigation" & today's FARCE, other that there is NOTHING unlawful/unethical to find.
(This investigation, from less than a month into it, was OBVIOUS, even to a NOBODY like me, to be NOTHING more/less than an attempted coup & a FUNDRAISING attempt by the Democrats Party. = Most of the Democrats "professional politicians" are NOT stupid; instead they are LIARS, CROOKS & POWER-HUNGRY CREEPS.)

IF there was any real leadership in the Congress, there whole "BIG DEAL" would be SHUT DOWN & NO further taxpayer's funds would be spent at all.
(Imo, "Congressional Leadership" is as much of an oxymoron as MILITARY INTELLIGENCE, JUMBO SHRIMP & IRS HELP are.)

Just my OPINIONS, sw
"Hacked off"Taxpayer

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The Dims have the most members in the House and they control it.
That's how the Founders set it up.
There's nothing the Republicans can do to stop it IN THE HOUSE.

If the Dims do impeach Trump, I suspect things will not go well for them in the Senate, that's controlled by the Republicans.
Adam Schiff would likely get called, put under oath at penalty of perjury charges and asked some extremely uncomfortable questions about all his lies over the last three years.

I also suspect the Dims have made the decision that Biden ins't going to get the nomination, so he's disposable.
If he and his son, Grafty McSnorty are forced to testify in the Senate the Republicans will destroy them both.
This will splash over onto the Dims, but they won't care since they'll just distance themselves from the Biden's and the Press will assist in deep sixing their involvement down the memory hole.

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So you believe that 8-10 months before the General Election the "Ignorant Nobodies out in flyover country: (to quote Nancy Pelosi) & "ignorant nobodies from out the sticks" (Chuckie Schumer) ARE clueless ENOUGH to FORGET that the DIMs have WASTED over 50, 000,000.oo dollars on NOTHING of importance to anyone but the congress-critters & the "party pros" at the DNC??

SORRY but here in The Alamo City, I know NOBODY who aren't disgusted with "the Witch Hunt" & all the wasted taxpayer's money.

If nothing else, the GOP will remind everyone in political ads right up to Election Day that, "there was NOTHING illegal to find" & that the DIMocRATS did NOTHING (but "investigate" & attempt a coup, repeatedly) that was of any REAL VALUE to any ordinary citizen.

It so happens that I'm the Presiding Election Judge in Bexar County for TWO solidly working class & majority Democrat (about 56% register as Democrats) -voting precincts. = Even in my two precincts, the registered Democrats/Republicans/Libertarians/Independents are DISGUSTED with "the do nothing Congress", including being ANGRY at their own HoR member.
(I suspect that if DJT is NOT "removed from office", that the Congressional District will have one LESS DIMocRAT member.)

just my OPINION, sw

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Perhaps as many as 3-4 "moderate" Republicans MIGHT vote with the DIMs but NO WHERE near the number required for conviction & will NEVER be.

yours, sw

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Any Rs that do join the Ds need to be voted out of office either with the ballot box or, worse come to worse, the _________ box.

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What I'd like to know is this:

The Mueller Report came out with zip --- except they listed @12+ - .... "charges" that they were not going to address, leaving them, supposedly, for the kongresskritters to deal with.
-except -
This "dog & pony" show is about a Ukraine call Trump made..... supposedly a quid pro quo thing that Donald Trump had made. So is THIS .... "impeachment inquiry" dealing with any of the ethereal Mueller matters that Mueller wasn't going to touch with a ten foot pole?

I don't think so.

That tells me

(It isn't like the above is any great revelation either ....).

IMHO, this country is in deep trouble politically.

I kind of dread the future ......

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Pretty much everyone has already made up their minds about DJT, one way or the other.
I suspect these "hearings" (kangaroo court) will not affect how people think or will vote.

Those who like DJT will vote for him no matter if the House impeaches him, the one's who don't like him will vote against him even if the impeachment never happens.

The one's who don't like him are still raving about "Russian collusion" even after Mueller shot it down.
The fact that Mueller and his group of Hillary supporting Dim prosecutors spent 22 million dollars and could find no evidence doesn't matter..... They just KNOW he's guilty facts be damned.

The people who do like him see all this as what it is, an attempt to nullify the 2016 election and remove the man they voted for.
They see this as the Left not after DJT as much as they're after US deplorables.
They'll vote for DJT, if for no other reason then to stick it to our "betters" who carefully ordered us not to vote for him.

The key are the independents who go either way.
They've been getting anti-DJT propaganda hammered into them for what will be four years at election time.
Much depends on who the Dims put up to run.
The current crowd scare the Hell out of most reasonable people, and only the radical Left like them and their proposed policies.
Since those people are nearly 1/2 the country, what's left to make the decision are the people in the middle who are not committed to either side.

If Hillary enters, as she almost surely will, that will be determined by how much the middle likes or doesn't like her.
I suspect the Dims are pretty much "over" the Clinton's and just wish they'd go away. They would only vote for her in primaries if they see her as the only way to beat the hated Trump.

I wonder if the new far Left base of the Dim party would vote for her in a primary given her all-too obvious greed and shady dealings.
She's a Lefty, like all the running Dims, but I wonder if the young Socialist base would vote for her in a primary because they'd see her as not lefty enough.
All the current people have Red halos around their heads, but Hillary's isn't very bright, and is tarnished badly to a money-green color.

A year in politics is forever and a day, but right >now< it looks like the candidate will be Warren.
Of course the radical base that like her actually believe that she'd go after the dot-com Billionaires who are pouring money into her campaign.
They haven't figured out the attacks on the wealthy is just a scam.
The Left has unique talent for compartmentalizing their minds..... On the one hand Warren is a SJW who's going to really, really get those rich bastards, but on the other hand she's getting millions from those same rich bastards.
They just don't see the disconnect.

Our only hope is that the moderate Americans and the less radical Dims don't want to have their health care taken away so it can be given to illegals and their taxes raised sky high to pay for all the free S**t being promised.

As for the impeachment show, I doubt that anyone other then committed political junkies and Trump haters are even bothering to watch.
Most people know it's a dirty trick joke and going nowhere.
Even today most people are working during the day, and not many want to come home after a day at work and sit down on the couch to watch a boring hearing.
Those who don't work are too busy doing other things to watch day time TV that isn't a soap opera or game show.

My hope is the combination of four years of witch hunts, Antifa, college campus SJW's, people attacked in restaurants, and spectacles like the Kavanaugh disgrace will be remembered by most reasonable Americans and they'll vote accordingly.

America has never liked radicals of any stripe.
People like Obama only got elected because they were careful to hide their radicalism from the people until after the election.
This current batch have gone full radical before the election and double down every day.

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We are NOT a banana republic.

In a banana republic, after a failed coup, the plotters are lined up against a wall and shot.
Also, after a successful coup, the losers (if they survive and are still in the country) are shot.

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TommyGunn; All,

TOO BAD that the USA no longer BANISHES "failed coup plotters" from the country, as The "Good" King James I of England did to our Scots/English family in 1623, when he banished the entire family to "His Royal Majesty's Colonies in the Carolinas, to return to our Dominions on pain of death".
(I've often found it somewhat amusing that the family was banished to Charles Town/Charleston, SC for "running off English cattle". = In those long-ago days, our family were "rather well- known" as "Border Ruffians", "Highwaymen" & "Notorious Reivers in the Disputed Lands". = "Scarface" Robertus William Bankhead, being one of the MOST notorious of those renegades/outlaws. - He had a wide white eyebrow to chin saber scar that "marked him" for easy identification by the King's Men.)

Note: When one starts "digging about in dusty records" of your family's past, you may well find more OUTLAWS than INLAWS.

Of course, I cannot offhand think of any nation that would willingly accept those banished HATEFUL CROOKS, CREEPS, LIARS & BIGOTS into their country.

yours, sw

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To All,

IF you bothered to watch/listen to the LOONY ANTICS of "Schiff & company" yesterday, you would wonder why the DP is allowing those JACKASSES to represent their political party on TV. = Schiff & his cohorts are making the entire DIMocRAT Party LOOK CLUELESS, BIGOTED & (frankly) STUPID & every word out of their mouths is COSTING their party votes.

Here in San Antonio, even people that I know who are "yellow dog democrats" are DISGUSTED with the congress-critters MEAN-spirited & obviously BULLYING antics.

yours, sw
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