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Do you ever get bored with a gun?

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I have a few guns that I keep for sentimental reasons, and I'll never let them go. These guns I rarely if ever even talk about. My other guns are my active guns... the ones I carry, use, play with, and trade around with.
I have one gun that I have picked up, traded, picked up agian, sold, picked up again... I'm talking about a Detonics Combat Master... I'm on my 4th one now... and again, I'm bored with it. I'd rather carry my .45 Mini Cougar and whenever I can, I do.
But here is the thing... I love the Detonics! I just don't want to spend a lot of time with it. I love packing it thanks to it's size, but I hate shooting it for the same reason.
I'm thinking about trading it or selling it again... Maybe for a LW Commander, Officers, CCO or a similar configuration by Springfield or such. Something that is CCW worthy but I can actually enjoy shooting for pleasure.
Am I just nuts or is there something wrong with me?
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Am I just nuts or is there something wrong with me?

I don't think you're alone in this "gun geek" syndrome. I have 2 sentimental pistols, a P-38 and a Luger, WWII bringbacks from my cousin, that will stay in the family for a long time. Plus, I have a 5-digit military 1911 that I've owned for a long time. It has no collector value, as I've redone it a lot, but I truly would not give it up.

I've also had 4 pistols that I've bought, sold, bought or traded for again and again -- namely, a Star PD, an H&K P9S, a Walther P-5, and an S&W Highway Patrolman. Just recently sold the fourth P9S, no longer have a PD, and still have a P-5C and the Smith.

I don't know if I get bored with them, or just want to try something else at the time. But after I sell them, another seems to come along and grabs my attention all over again. (Obsessive/compulsive comes to mind.)

Perhaps we should talk this over with the 'new' Schmidt?

I tend to get bored with accurate guns that are easy to shoot. I have a minimally tricked out 10-22 that simply dosen't get shot. Too easy to hit with. Much more fun to try hitting with my iron sights only CZ 452.

Part of that is due to my busy schedule curtailing my range days. I'd rather maximize my time building skills than throwing lead downrange through a tack driving firearm.

BTW, fired John's 1911 chambered in 9mm. That threw a serious craving on me for one. Cheap practice ammo, good loads with either your favorite 9mm Nyclad or my favorite 124 Gold Dots and light recoil. What's not to like? :wink:
I've been thinking about a 9MM 1911... That type of gun has a lot of potential.
But there are so many great 9MM's out there. Beretta, CZ, SIG... too many to chose from.
I've actually never heard of the Detonics Combat Master until you just mentioned it, and I'm an active gun nut. I have a Beretta M92 FS Brigadier Inox and a Colt Mustang .380 I shoot regularly. Honestly the Beretta is the one and only gun for me, I want a Sig P229 badly and that gun giveaway prize is looking mighty attractive but the Beretta is my sentimental gun and favorite. It's great to customize and add my own personal touch.

I say if you want something to carry and shoot look at the Sig line or, if you dare, pick up a Glock 19 at the range and see how you like it. You can't go wrong with Beretta if, like me, the size and weight doesn't bother you in the least. I reccomend you get the Beretta and personalize the snot out of it, it could be your carry and range gun.
I have Sigs and a Berettas and prefer the XD series to the Glock series. Thanks.
i kinda know what you mean, i have a 10-22 that looks like a M-1 carbine, and it is very accurate with a scope, so i took off the scope and put on some M-14 style battle sights, but i think im going to go back to the scope, also i want one of those conversion kits to convert it to that new ".17 long rifle" or in other words the .17 Mach 2...ited be a killer 'chuck gun, and i would pop a few 'yotes with it if i had the chance to!
but i dose get boring after a while. talking about not being able to get a way from one gun, i have an old mossberg 500A field model that has two barrles, a peep sighted slug barrel and a 24" trap barrel, both very accurate with sevral loads, and its a good sturdy gun, i tryed to sell it, both barrles and the gun plus a leather sling (the two barrels are about 200 new) and i have just not been able to sell the damn thing! it shoots fine, preety much perfect! that shor slug barrel throws slugs to the same place year after year, and with buck shot it is wonderful on 4 leeged vermints (would be good on 2 legged one i dont doubt) any chance is anyone looking for a new shotgun :lol: $200 bucks, 2 barrels and 2 choke tubes!
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I don't so much get bored with what I have as I do get the illogicial, emotionally based, burning need for something new! (You know, if I shoot enough different guns my groups will get tighter! :p )

Ed, around here we call that "accuracy through acquisition".....

:lol: :p
"illogicial, emotionally based, burning need for something new!"

You know, that just might be the perfect description for it.

Anyone wanna trade sumthin?
I've gotten bored with my GI Mil Spec 1911 and shoot my tricked out Colt 1991A1 99% of the time.

I've been bored with my SKS rifles but can't seem to sell them. Actually, I sold one of them and picked up 3 more. But I never shoot them. :roll:

Bored out of my mind with my AR15. I picked it up 2yrs ago and only put under 2000rds threw it. My 3 Mini 14's have seen 5000-16,000rds.
How can you get bored with a rack of SKS rifles? That's called a "Group Hug".
I actually picked up several guns that I'm bored with. Couldn't pass them up for the price I paid.

$1375 for all 11 of them. ... p?t=151042
Hey Ogre , great website , found it 5 months ago,been reading it daily since then. Anyway, I agree sometimes I get a little bored with a gun or to be more specific I get bored with shooting holes in paper targets.I have found that by being a little creative with regard to targets I can add a whole new dimension to shooting any gun ,even the ones that just didn't provide that original gunlust feeling anymore.For example ,this time of year in New Hampshire the pumpkins and other various squash family members are coming into thier own and this makes for some good fun with old favorite firearms.There's nothing like a reactive target to bring out the mischievious side in all of us(I think?)I know my 13 yr. old boy would agree with me.I think he was getting bored with our current arsenal untill we started pureeing vegetables last week.Besides I can't afford a new gun for a while,(gotta buy some heating oil for a few months now! :(
Good point, I get more bored with the targets (paper exclusively) then I do with any gun.

Out here my reactive targets are rabbits, chucks, P-dogs, and crows.
Don't they raise holy hell in the truck on your way to the range? :mrgreen:
Mad Ogre said:
"illogicial, emotionally based, burning need for something new!"

You know, that just might be the perfect description for it.

Anyone wanna trade sumthin?
Come on Ogre, what are you getting from Mike? It must be a new toy that goes bang. Tell us all about it... :p

Jealous in DE

P.S. I have an EG Mak on the way anyday now. My first Mak.
I was going to take Mike's Beretta 1201FP shotgun... a good shotgun to be sure, but Mike discovered that he had a CZ-P01 lurking in the dark corners of his collection.
The P-01 is a gun I've lusted for this last year or longer.
As soon as my bank indicates I'm no longer in the negative, I'll be shipping the Detonics off and eagerly awaiting the CZ.
Oh Yeah, I've had the CZ in my sights to but my I don't need another 9mm just yet.

But what would Sonny Crocket say?

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