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Do you have green fireflies? . . .

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Do you have any fireflies? What color are they? We had unbearable humidity here the past couple of days, and a couple mornings ago, about 0300 hours I saw green fireflies on my front lawn, and then the next night as well. Is it extreme humidity that brings them out?

Fireflies are cool. They give off a lot of light too, for a little bug.
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Only when I am drinking Irish Beer, any other time they are yellow. ;)
Come to think of it, I did think I saw a yellow one last night.

But then again, wasn't I drinking The Classic Cask 20 year old bourbon?

Boy, I hope you're coming to NC the end of August and bringing some of this whiskey you're always talking about :D
Unfortunately I can't make Gunstock, but just go to Spiritus Fermenti and print out my Top 25 bourbon list, and you will be well armed for any liquor store encounter until that day when hopefully we shall meet in person.
Yes, we have fireflies every year, and they ARE green-lighted ones. (Actually, the light could be described as either green or yellow, but to me, it looks primarily green. Keep in mind, green is a secondary color; combo of the primaries yellow and blue.)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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