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Attached is a photo of a gauge my sister gave me when I visited her a couple weeks ago. It was among a box of things that belonged to my father, who died in 1991.

My father served in the Navy from 1948 through 1954. For two years he served in U. D. T. Team 3 in the Korean War.

The gauge is calibrated to 3000 psi and was used by divers during that time period to check their scuba tanks, hence the yoke with the screw attached to the stem.
The face of the dial is marked:

"U. S. Divers Compressed Air
1045 Broxton
L. A. Calif.
Jas. P. Marsh Corporation
Skokie Illinois U. S. A.​

I've done some innernetz googoofoo on this with limited results.

What I'm wondering is if anyone here has ever seen this particular pressure gauge and what, if anything, you may know. Is it of any particular value? (My research seems to say, no, not much) Jason P. Marsh produced an amazing number of pressure gauges in the early/mid twentieth century , some using the same housing but differently calibrated faces and for different things.

My brother in law suggested this piece might have some value. My sister didn't know and felt the only value it might have was as a tool my father once owned. Some reading suggested that divers (frogmen) had to purchase these on their own.
Pictures of similar gauges show a price ranging from @$25.00 up to maybe $45 to $50.

Any reflections, ideas are welcome :thumbsup:


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I know a bit about gauges, that one is similar to the ones we used to gauge medical E and D cylinders in that it has a "yoke" type of attachment.

Neat keepsake.
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