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in light of the recent political events, i see a lot of people who seem to want to throw up their hands and say, "forget it, im digging a bunker". thats all fine, but lets keep in mind that although the democrats have all three houses, there are still a lot of pro gun democrats left. the ones who are not pro gun need to hear from us. ALL OF US. they may lean left, but they want to keep their cushy jobs with the fabulous benefits! the democrats got the vote out this fall, (hell, acorn got the base so fired up that even dead people voted) lets get OUR views out now. for all its faults, the democratic process is the best thing going.

i strongly urge everyone on this board to call, email, snail mail (they say this one carries a lot of weight), or do a pop in if you are near an office. get your friends and family to do the same. write them every couple of weeks. be respectful, but dont let up, make SURE they know where you stand and that you vote.

giving up and taking on a siege mentality is not the answer. NOW is the time to get busy defending our rights. remember what happened to the dems in '94. remind them of that!! lets all keep them out of our lives, gun cases and wallets.

here are a few links to make the process easier. youre already at you computer, so you can do this without moving your butt one inch in any direction.

heres the nra's link.

and heres one from gun owners of america.
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