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Bust a G.A.P.© on your arse!...

Bust a G.A.P.© at your local range with the New Glock 37...

The 45 G.A.P. - Perfection in an autoloading cartridge! <yada yada yada> So Bust a G.A.P.© today.

Glock Inc. commissions Dog Scoobie Doo to write and perform Bust a G.A.P.©. Boom chaka chaka cheech cheech BOOM chaka cheech BOOM "I spied this hoe that was really phat, she B sporting a cap and was packing a G.A.P." Boom chaka chaka cheech cheech


The marketing potential by Glock Inc for the above is unlimited. I already have a few advertisements in mind. Gaston, or one of his representatives, may contact me via the e-mail address located under my profile to discuss the advertising ideas in addition to licensing and residuals on the Bust a G.A.P.© saying. :D

Or if there starts to be problems with the G37 (now that it has hit the streets) a formerly famious GunScribe may want to contact me for use of it for the Headline of his investigation into these problems. :wink:

© 2003 by David H. Schmidbauer. All Rights Reserved.

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I reckon I'm gonna have to sue for copyright infringement. After all, I'm the original Bustah Cap (Yo, yo! Mess wid me and I'm gonna Bustah Cap in your azz, dog!). The similarities are too close. People might confuse me with Busta G.A.P.! :D

Shawn "Bustah Cap" Dodson
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