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Ducati 998S F.E. - the last of a great design

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For model year 2004 Ducati is bringing to an end the classic 916/996/998 style and sending it off with the 998S Final Edition. Click here for specs on this soon to be collector item.


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:cry: Farewell to a great design. I think the 916/996/998 series of bikes are the sexiest ever made. I just can't warm up to the 749/999 series.
The 916-998 really are one of the best looking bikes ever made. Sad to see them go. I no longer detest the 999s appearance, though- it might even be growing on me. I have to say that if I had a choice of an extended ride on either a 998 or a 999, the ergos of a 999 would make it a winner, I guess, but sitting on both side by side they don't feel all that different. I'm sure a half hour on the road would make he differences painfully clear, though.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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