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Are there any Ducati owners out there? I have a 2001 ST4 in red. Roughly 3,000 miles on it and it's a joy to ride. Can't wait for the weather to warm up.
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I have a 748 Biposto in yellow. I love it. It is a pain in the ass in the traffic around here, though (doesn't handle worth a shit going slow and it cooks my nads in stop and go). How is the ST4? Might get a Duck that is a little more civil. Also thinking about an Aprilia Falco.
The ST4 is fine in slow traffic. In first gear it gets around okay with a decent exaust note. Even in second gear it's okay. I've never had it heat up too bad, but then again I've never had it that long in stop and go traffic. The ride position is much easier on the arms than the 748. That's probably why it's easier in slow traffic. I've even contemplated risers, though the more I ride it the more I get used to it the way it is.

What has to go is the seat. I've been looking long and hard at the Sargent. It has a storage tube underneath the seat that's useful. It also feels much better on the rear!

As far as civil, it may look more civil with the saddle bags, but that's about it. When you get on the ST4 it reminds you real quick just where its motor came from. With the saddle bags off the bike has more of a sporty look, even with the bag brackets still in place.
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Okay, so here is how it happened. I'm minding my own business browsing the Ducati website when right before my eyes was the new Monster S4R. Now I've been lusting over a Monster for a while now. Not a full blown 800 or 1000 but a simple 620. Why? I don't know really. It's one of those quirks that I just shrug off when the thought crosses my mind. My ST4 does everything I could want in a bike, and it looks good doing it.

Then Ducati has to change the rules and come out with this new beast. The S4R comes with the 996 Desmoquattro engine, high position mufflers, single-sided aluminum rear swing arm, and a ton of other features that just scream out that it's one bad mo' fo'. Oh, and did I mention it pumps out 113 horsepower!

Hopefully sanity will sink in soon before I rush out to the Ducati dealership. :wink:

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WOW. That is sweet looking. I guess they had to make up for the shitty styling on the new 999 and 749. I can't figure Ducati out. The 916 family are some of the sexiest bikes around and then they go and make the 999, which IMO is FUGLY! Oh...and they sound like shit too! Nothing like the cool V-twin rumble of old.
I haven’t seen the new 999 or 749 in person yet. I’ve been meaning to stop in at the dealership in Richmond to see one in person. From the magazines sometimes it looks okay and sometimes it doesn’t. It all depends on the camera angle.

That is disappointing that they changed the exhaust note. There is nothing like the sound of a Ducati. It’s right up there with Ferrari and F1 motors.

Thankfully Ducati is still producing the 998, at least for now.
Hey there Fernando, this is Stan, we met sunday at Michaels, I have the 998, just wanted to say hi and to let you know I'd signed up for your website. Nice site, by the way. And you definitely need one of those new monsters. (Oh, and as soon as you get it, can I have a ride on it???) LOL Say hi sometime, see you at Michaels again soon. My wife and I had a ball there. Serious fun for sure.
Hi Stan! Welcome to the board! IMHO, your bike was the best of the whole crowd at Michaels. There were definitely flashier bikes there but nothing beats a Ducati 998.

When you get a chance check out the pictures from Michaels over at the Local Rides & Touring topic.

We should get together some weekend. I hope you enjoy the forum.

Fernando- did you get a shot of the lime gold 4-valve Guzzi?
If so, how about posting it?

By the way, the Micheals' collage you posted could have used more shots of that nice trick R1100S Boxer Cup. You know, the one next to that slow-looking red Ducati.....
I tried to get more pictures of the BMW, but there were so many people crowded around looking at the Ducati next to it, they blocked my shot :wink:
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