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Don't watch Minority Report expecting to see gunfights or shooting scenes; the storyline itself is the grabber.

Basically, Tom Cruise is the head of the D.C. "Precrime" unit that has a set of 3 "precognitives" who can see murders in advance. The "Precrime" unit's job is to catch, arrest, AND sentence the murderer before he/she murders. Tom Cruise ends up being set up, and the movie shows his quest to beat the rap.

The best part of this movie is looking at the future's version (2054) of computers and cars. It should be noted that Lexus did indeed build the car pictured in the movie.

I WANT one of those computers! Everything is clear Lexan, and graphics can be controlled easily with a virtual reality type set of gloves. The 3D laser projectors aren't bad, either.

The acting is fairly one-dimensional, and Tom Cruise has never been one of my favorites. However, thought is provoked by the concept of predestination vs. free will. One of the characters states that precogs can't see what you intend to do, only what you WILL do.
Just what rights do you have if a supposedly infallible source sees that you will in fact commit a murder at some point in the future?

To find out a possible answer, watch Minority Report. I rate it 2.5 stars out of 4.
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