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Ear nibbler is back!

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Mike Tyson will be fighting Clifford Etienne in Memphis on February 22.

Back when he first came on the scene I will admit I was a big Tyson fan. Whenever he stepped into the ring he walked out a champ in under a minute. The new “after prison” Tyson has lost that magic. Now he is just a street thug with an attitude. I hope he gets his ass handed to him again.
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Well, to many a disappointment, Iron Mike Tyson romped Clifford Etienne in 49 seconds this Saturday evening. Three things we came away with after the fight:

1- Rhinos don't dance, but they sure can hit the canvas.
2- Even though Tyson hammered Etienne with one right, it don't mean that will happen with Lennox Lewis.
3- Tyson is looking more like a cartoon character with his new tattoo work.

Favorite quote of the evening from Mike Tyson: "I'm so messed up. I just need to get my life together."

Yes you do, Mike.
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