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Eliminate the IRS?

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excerpt: "The Speaker of the House will push for replacing the nation's current tax system with a national sales tax or a value added tax, ..."

Holy smoke.

Drudge posted it here.

'Think there's a chance in hades? Lessee .... a national sales tax at 25% (gulp!). I can hear it now: "Dang, I wish the old tax system was here again!" :shock:
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Sensop --

I would gladly go with that system if they totally eradicate the income tax to do it and lower the tax percentage to about 15%. I was reading once where a person kept track of all the taxes they paid in a year and it worked out that they paid over 75% of their income to various taxes.
Personally, as a civil liberatarian, I would prefer to see them go to a flat income tax of 15%. But, I don't think I will live to see that happen!
I'm sure the Republicans are serious about this. After all........ they imposed a 15% flat tax on the Iraqis.
I don't know if we'll see the elimination of the IRS in our lifetimes or not, but at least the GOP is presneting the idea. We sure as hell would have never heard this from the Democrats.
Agreed with Mike.
I believe it would be the single best thing done in recent memory.

A site dedicated to this happening:

"Introduce a wise and efficient system of taxation, and life and energy will pervade the country. Without such a system, it will sink into general and fatal paralysis."
The Atlantic Magazine
March 1862
And of course the demonicrats are screaming that it will put a burden on the middle & lower class.

BS, they are just mad because they will no longer be able to redistribute wealth to buy votes.

I don't think there is anybody in DC that has ever been to Economics 101.
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