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hello there folks...i juat am wondering how many of you own a enfield. i have a1943 Canadian Longbranch Num4MK1 and i love it...i have gotten matching longbranch bayonett and a canadian 1943 sling for it... this gun has been my favorite rifle for many years. i also own other milsurps that i like also... 1900 m96swede (mint condition) m91/59 mosin nagant.. i am going on a pig hunt soon in the cali S.F.bay area and im thinking about using one of these guns.....can any of you help sway my opnion on one of these...i know all will be good to go against any help will be fun and appreicated(might need spell check for that)hehe thanks
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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