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Getting back on subject, Extreme Shock Ammo came into the market via a flurry of hype. There were full-page color ads in the national gun magazines touting the stuff as the new state of the art defensive ammo. No one had tested it or even seen it in person at the time. Just lots of advertising dollars building up the name. Some of the larger distributors took the bait (after some pressure from dealers) and began to carry the stuff. Tom Burczynski was the first person I know of to point out some inaccuracies in their advertising and products. First off, the samples he received (which were purchased through regular channels) did not look like the stuff they were advertising. He shot it into gel and was not impressed. You would be better off with any of the pre-fragmented types of ammo already on the market.

The Extreme Shock is pretty well named if you think about it. They spent enough money to extremely shock potential customers into thinking this was the new magic bullet. Only problem is all the advertising dollars in the world can’t make up for poor ammo.

Now if I can only convince Dean to stop filling his mags with the stuff :bolt:
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