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You're a bit behind, but if you're not watching it, you should be.

If you've got FX, you can watch the first few eps online.
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I think it got off to a bit slower of a start than season 1 but we're in it for the long haul. Love the KC gangsters and even Jeffery Donovan is doing a great job.
"I think she punctured a lung".

Nearly inundated my keyboard.
Jeffrey Donovan is doing a really good job with his part (as is the entire cast). Last night's episode was a standout in a great season.
I was specially impressed by his skillful kneecap shooting
Television/Hollywood likes to make that look easy, routine even.
Hmmm...that article seems to predict that the real 1973 Sioux Falls Massacre will somehow be a part of season 2; that obviously hasn't happened.

Do you think the producers elected to substitute "gang war" for "gang rape"?
With Fargo who knows? I hate to over analyze tv as they can write or re-write history any way they want (hey, kind of like the "History" channel) but in season one Lou says he got out of police work after the Sioux Falls Massacre but the season two takes place in 1979, according to the opening sequence. I think the show is good because it keeps us guessing.
Well we've answered the "Sioux Falls Massacre" question. They just co-opted the name for their purposes.
>>>>> I wouldn't have one of those stupid-looking "skeletonized" hammers on a gun.>>>>>
But think of all the weight you save! ;) Like someone insisting that FLGRs are good because the extra weight helps to keep the nose down and makes follow up shots easier/quicker. Hell, a fart weighs more than that!
I think he was just out for himself and had his own connections re: new identity. Also the new identity was a character from season one and the two boys playing baseball (one of which was deaf) grew up to be the hit men in Season 1. I'm not sure why he kept pursing Ed and Peggy other than maybe he needed to finish his mission or they were witnesses.
From what I've read there won't be any characters from this season in next season, which won't air until 2017 as it needs to be shot in the winter and they aren't far enough along in the writing to shoot this winter.
That does it...I'm bingeing Season 1 sometime soon. With my RCBS hand primer and a popcorn bowl full of brass, I'll be set up for the next year's worth of reloading.
Last night when we finished watching episode 10, my wife informed me we would be re-watching season 1, then season 2 again. She's a keeper!
Well the missus and I just completed the trifecta: we re-watched the original movie, season one, and tonight we finished season two again. It was worth it.
The biggest standout is the absolute evil of Lorne Malvo, like he was the God of chaos or something, just pushing buttons and setting things in motion.

Best quote: "I haven't had pie like this since the Garden of Eden."
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