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Dean, I just read Fat Frank, that is classic. I like name calling myself and I have been privy to some excellent examples working in retail gun shops as well as coming up with some good ones of my own too. I thought I'd take this opportunity to share some of them.

Girth is a popular name calling staple here in Colorado, we had a "Fat Mike"

We had a Frank but he was known as "Freaker Frank" later in my SOF days I met the freakiest Frank of all who quickly became "F**k Face Frank"

Another wildly popular fellow is known as "Scum Bag Dave" all sorts of rumors suround this guy, still, no one has been able to confirm any.

Like Frank...Dave seems to be a popular name for firearms retailers since we already had a "Scum Bag Dave" Dave #2 was known as "Scum Bag Dave's Butt Buddy." Again I havn't a clue if this is acurate.
But that never stopped me!

Some of my own innovations include:

"Andy Pendejo" the heavily tattooed psychopath I worked with at Paladin

"Demerol Dave" AKA "Disco Dave" AKA "Dime Bag Dave" (see I told you there were lots of Daves) actually he is one of the good guys and I call him Double D. He would be the first to tell you he is slow in the drive way

"P-Rick" (the P is silent) Prick was a big fat bald gunsmith, responsible for butchering counless rifles. He was also saddled with the moniker... "Mr. Potato Head".

And the most widely used of all:
"Boner Bob" is now and has been many people including my father in law who also answers to "Grandpa Grunt." :shock: Be sure to use that one next time you see him at SHOT.
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