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FBI Glocks

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The FBI has now been using .40 S&W Glocks for several years now. Have there been any reports of kB's with their pistols?
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What if they did? Did not?

My paternal grandfather smoked big, smelly cigars for over 80 years, never got cancer, never had any lung problems, died in his sleep at home.

My maternal grandfather never smoked, got lung cancer, wasted away in the hospital.

Lady luck: la belle dame sans merci.

Numerous 40s have kBd on local ranges (3 LE and 4 public) w factory ammo. Glocks, USPs, Kel-Tecs, Berettas, and Walthers. Not one 9x19. Not even with the +P, +P+, and NATO ammo. And the 9x19 still gets shot more. I've seen plenty of 9/45 ammo go downrange through military guns and never saw one blow up like some of the 40s I've seen. Yes, I know it happens, and w other 9/45s too, but I've sure seen more in the 40s and Glocks.

Seems like the 40 is riskier than the 9x19 in any gun, and the Glock 40/45/357s riskier than some other guns. Beats me why. Sure hasn't hurt sales of the 40 and Glocks any that I can see.

So I gotta figure most aren't seeing what I see, and/or what I see isn't normal...
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