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I just wanted to do a quick post about shipping/delivery times. We have been getting many phone calls in reference to orders & tracking #'s that are not updated and extended delivery times.

Fed Ex, UPS and USPS are all working VERY short handed. Delivery times during these difficult times are longer than usual due to the shortage of people at all these services. Joel and I are doing everything we can to get all orders processed and shipped within 1 business day. Yesterday Joel was here at 5:45am (I'm a slacker and didn't show till 6:30) and we were here till 6:45 last night making sure every order was processed, boxed, labeled and ready to go out.

Please be patient if a package takes a little longer to arrive to you. Please understand if the web site of these delivery services are not updated as frequently as they once were. These delivery people are working their asses off getting packages picked up, checked in and delivered. They are working harder than ever as more packages are being shipped and they are all working with reduced crews.

So keep those orders coming and we will keep getting them shipped every day and they will get to you :)

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We appreciate all the orders and support. Please stay well and safe.

If there is anything you're looking for please give us a call at 516-217-1000. It is always our pleasure to speak with you. Always give a call to discuss options and what would be best for your needs

Have a great day & please follow us on Instagram at gr8fuldoug1 :)

Thank you for your continued support.
If there is anything else that I can assist you with please let me know.
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