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Feds buy a Border Fence!

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As part of the U.S. Crisis Support Package for Ukraine announced by the White House in April, the State Department awarded a $435,000 contract to B.K. Engineering System in Kyiv for razor wire to help "defend the newly imposed borders between Ukraine's mainland and the Crimean peninsula." The contract was awarded on June 12, but was just posted online this week.

[T]his order is for the delivery of 2,500 spools of Concertina wire for the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine referenced in the Office of the Vice President's Fact Sheet entitled "U.S. Crisis Support Package for Ukraine" dated 22 April 2014. This Fact Sheet includes Security Assistance in which the Office of the Vice President announced the provision of urgently needed non-lethal assistance to the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine to fulfill its core security mission.

Feds Buy Border Fence ... for Ukraine | The Weekly Standard

This contract that we the US citizens are paying for in the Ukraine is suppose to cover the whole border between Ukraine and Crimea?WTF!!We cannot get our government to build us a GD fence on our southern border but by God we can pay for it in the Ukraine ? Up is Down,Left is Right it is all SCREWED UP FELLAS.
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Frankly, I think the Ukrainians need automated flamethrower turrets for the border. When Russians start coming home barbecued by napalm, I'll bet their families will start throwing a fit... besides, it's fairly efficient as weapons go, a football-field-long stream of fire can cut a nice swath across a line of troops, maybe even suck the O2 out of an AFV.

Seriously, the message that needs to be sent to Putin right now isn't this namby-pamby pansy-ass BS, it's "Call them home or WATCH THEM DIE!" (We'll omit my preferred extension, "and prepare to JOIN THEM," for purposes of this discussion...)
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