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Hello. Today, at 4:46PM (CST), I was hunting for Texas whitetail deer as part of a management program on a ranch where the doe population is exceedingly high. Doe were being taken over this season as much as possible and still not enough have been taken according to Texas Parks & Wildlife after their people did surveys to augment those done by the landowner.

I was hunting in "the hole," which is a ladder blind in a pretty thick area. That blind is used primarily by the archers and by me as I prefer to use a handgun when possible. The pistol today was a Browning Hi Power Mk III in 9mm and was the least "altered" one I own.

This is the Hi Power used. I had a post-ban 10-rnd factory magazine in the pistol with a KRD 17-round magazine as a spare. This pistol is factory all the way other than the hammer being bobbed and the right side ambidextrous thumbsafety lever being removed. It has Butler Creek rubber grips and skateboard tape on the frontstrap. The barrel is FN factory and the sights are the stock sights that came on the pistol. The magazine disconnect is gone on this pistol as well.

The ammunition used was Winchester 127-gr. +P+ (RA9TA) and is the law enforcement round.

By the company's own rules, this ammo is sold only to law enforcement, but there is no federal law against its use by private citizens. I am not sure of each and every state law concerning this.

Out of my Hi Powers, this load is in the 1250 ft/sec ballpark with regard to velocity and has proven consistently accurate. There seems quite a bit of interest in this load so it was used.

I was about 12' off the ground and above the animal which came in facing me at about 4:46PM CST. It was approximately 21 yards away as best as I could measure. Still facing me, it lowered its head to eat and using a rest, I shot the deer between the shoulders. The bullet entered approximately one inch to the right (with respect to the deer) of the spine. It did not hit the spinal column at all. It angled rearward and clipped the bottom side of the heart and made a pretty decent wound, but did not puncture the heart wall, just travelled along side it, tearing the defect. The bullet was recovered under the skin just in front of the stomach. I'd estimate the penetration at between 13 and 15". As was the case with the doe I recently shot at the same blind using a .38 Super, it was raining and just getting pictures was tough enough.

Here's the deer, which weighed about 75-lbs. field-dressed. Certainly, it is not a trophy and not one I'd have shot under normal circumstances, but the management program was a special case. It will be eatten by me and the wife, I assure you. If you look closely, you can see the entrance wound at the base of neck at the shoulders.

Here you can see the wound to the heart as the bullet barely hit it. It did not extend into the heart's interior.

Here's the recovered bullet. This load has proven exceptionally consistent for me in my own informal tests using water as well as super-saturated newsprint. Bullets recovered from those tests are extremely similar to the bullet shown.

Earlier in the day, I'd let a young 4-point buck as well as a 6-point pass as the buck/doe ratio is extremely lopsided and I estimated their ages at around 2 1/2 years. They were young enough to show potential as good trophy bucks in a few years. A larger buck trotted through as well, but I couldn't get a horn count. A little while later this "doe" came out and I shot it. Turned out it's a "button buck." Felt bad about that and recalled that this is the only one I did not use my field glasses on even at short range to see if it was a button buck. (Passed on two others that sure were.) My mistake and not one I'm proud of, but such happens.

At the shot, the deer collapsed, and its hind legs moved for a count of 16, using the one-thousand-and-one, one-thousand-and-two, "method" mentally.

I am NOT recommending the 9mm Hi Power as a "deer gun," but at extremely close range where shots can be precisely placed, it'll do the trick, at least on Texas deer. The much larger doe shot last year in the same area with a handloaded 124-gr. XTP reacted the same way as this one; collapsed immediately and kicked. That one did require a coup de grace as it was still alive upon my approach.

Winchester's 127-gr. +P+ worked fine and I consider this just one more "test" that some might find of interest. The Hi Power worked was expected.


PS: I'll try and have a more detailed report under "Browning Hi Power" at within a day or two for those interested.
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