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Snake beat me to it, but I don't think I'd have added details. Think all members of the species could tell variations on that setup line.

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Filming is supposed to be done using safe practices, like working from a cage or vehicle so the brown eyes can't get to you and so they don't get hurt either. Doing it some other way often doesn't work out well.

Cases in point.....

One big city animal lover went to Africa some years ago to visit the lovely lions.
He told no one what he intended since he was a big city Lefty and didn't need advice.
He drove out to the wild and set up a camera to film his "interaction" with his beloved lions.
Now imagine you're that countries official who has to ask his family what they want done with the film of their relative being literally eaten alive by a pride of lions.

Then there was Bear Boy a few years ago.
He went to Alaska to "Be one" with the wonderful grizzly bears.
After communing with the bears the absolute jerk brought his girlfriend up to also visit the bears.
They were both eaten alive.
When the state game wardens arrived to try to recover what remains were left, a bear charged them the instant they stepped off the bush plane.
They opened up with two Remington 870 shotguns loaded with 00 buckshot and a .40 caliber pistol, killing the bear.
They were ticked off because they'd had to risk their lives and they had to kill a bear.
The bear had been convinced by Bear Boy that humans were just another meal.

Working around dangerous animals at close range is not recommended, but Hollywood has done a bit of it in years past when shooting animals for a film was still politically good.
An interesting bit is in the movie "The Last Hunt" with Stewart Granger and Robert Taylor.
This is a story about a professional buffalo hunter in the 1800's who's approached by a man wanting to learn the job.
Turns out he's a kill crazy nut
He gets his in an interesting way at the end.
In any case, there's a very short bit of film of a pro hunter or stunt man shooting a charging buffalo at close range with a pistol.
He's using a double action revolver of some sort, and was probably backed up by someone with a rifle.
You have to watch close because it's a very short bit.

A lot of people can't live in the inner cities anymore so to escape they move out to the surrounding countryside, bringing with them their politics and lack of knowledge of "flyover" county.
We often have to explain that the cute raccoon hanging around the back yard can turn into a monster with razor teeth and claws without warning, and that Fluffy the cat or Sparky the dog are a nice snack for a coyote or hawk.

The advice to stay away from the wild life is often ignored because they KNOW they're sweet, peaceful little creatures because they watch Disney channel.
The advice that if they want to stay safe they should buy a, you know, GUN is met with horror and outrage at those country goons who murder Bambi.

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SO TRUE. = It's been my long experience that "City Kitties" are generally ARROGANTLY CLUELESS, are "just so sure" that they are 100% correct & will NOT even listen to people, who do know the area & the facts.

yours, sw

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Often the shock at the Lefties from the cities when confronted with how things are outside the city limits can be priceless...........

I have a long range shooting buddy who lives west of St Louis. He told me about a situation with a private shooting club he belonged to.
The club's range had been there since the early 60's.

Developers bought a farm in the area and started selling home lots near the range.
The Club put up large signs on the roads stating that there was a shooting range in the area.
The signs were mysteriously torn down.
Escapees from the cities built expensive homes.

Then they got tired of hearing the shooting, including when they held matches and a lot of shooting was done.
As a public service the range would shut down for a day and allow law enforcement and the National Guard to use the range.
The Guard usually brought their machine guns.

The new neighbors really didn't like that.
One of the new homeowners was a lawyer and they hired him to shut the range down for noise pollution.

They went to court and the judge looked at the city lawyer like he had two heads.
He asked the lawyer how much legal research he had done before wasting the court's time and informed him that back in the 1960's Missouri had passed a Shooting Range Protection Act.
The law says that if a shooting range is built and there's no occupied dwelling withing 1000 yards of the firing point, it can not be shut down for noise.
He drop kicked them out of court.
They went to a higher court, and got drop kicked.

At the time they built the range several members were lawyers and advised the club about the law.
The club had aerial photos taken by a plane showing the area and the nearest dwelling 1500 yards away, and they had an official survey done to show no dwellings within 1000 yards.

The home owners tried all sorts of angles but failed at them all.
To rub it in their home owning lawyer billed them for his services.
Then the sheriff and State police started getting reports that houses were getting bullet holes and demanding the range be closed for safety violations.
This was odd, because the houses were BEHIND the shooting lines.
The sheriff and State police investigated and informed the owners that their fancy wood siding was a favorite for woodpeckers and showed them that there were no bullets in the houses.

One owner was just nuts and kept reporting bullets hitting his house.
The members noticed that some of his reports happened when the range was closed.
He complained nearly every day about getting bullet hits and began coming to the range and making physical threats.

One day they set him up.
They had the sheriff and a couple of State police in plain clothes out to the range and they watched as a few members fired some blank rounds.
The neighbor came roaring up in his car, jumped out and began threatening everybody.
The sheriff identified himself and asked if he wanted to make an official complaint.
Stupidly he never thought to wonder why the sheriff was there out of uniform.
He said "Yes", and filled out the official report right there.
The sheriff promptly arrested him for making a false police report, trespassing, and making threats.

Some people sold the houses at a loss to locals and my buddy says the range is still there and in business.
What rubs it in is that some of the new local owners go to the range to shoot.

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Years ago, I was a member of a nice range tucked into a fairly deep valley--very little chance for stray rounds to escape.
HOWEVER, houses started going up along the crests, in direct view of the range. To me, that looked too unsafe, so I quit going
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